The index records: inquest number, name, date, location and remarks note whether the person identified in the index is the deceased or is appearing as a witness in the inquest for 1796-1824 only.

This index simplifies the process of searching several different deceased estates indexes by combining all indexes into one searchable database.

Intestate: A person who dies without leaving a will. This is a very large series of records comprising 964 boxes. The records have been indexed from 1821 to 1913: [6/3481-3910] (excluding boxes of miscellaneous papers) [10/27478-27949] and [6/26823-24, 6/26843-45].

This index is for supplementary (early) probate records that are not part of the main probate series. It records the name, date, item number and page number. If you are looking for the main series of probate records (...